Friday, July 1, 2016


SEEKERS started with a quest to get to the bottom of a York County (PA) legend, Toad Road and the "Seven Gates of Hell" - and that story is forthcoming in my book, Beyond the Seventh Gate (a quick note... there is not and never was an insane asylum on Toad Road - nor are there seven gates. In fact the Seven Gates were previously located in both Hex Hollow and Prospect Hill Cemetery - depending on who you asked). There's a lot more to Toad Road than a fabricated story about a mad doctor and an asylum that never was. Much more on that in the book... and I'm sure on future posts here as well.

In the cold rain and mud my friends and I pushed on and we went where few ever go - rather than repeating urban legends we decided to get to the rather muddy bottom of things - and when we were there we caught the bug. It was then we decided we needed to form a local group to investigate cryptids and other strange sightings. We reached out to a few other groups* but for whatever reason they were closed to us - there's more than a touch of elitism and covetousness of evidence in this field.

Anyone who claims to be an "expert" in this field is as likely to be filled with self importance as they are with information. There's a lot of big fish in a very small pond - and in the wake of the "reality" TV shows dealing with bigfoot and other cryptids it seems many of these fish have stars in their eyes. Good luck with that.

We grew up with punk rock though - and the great lesson we took from that was "Do It Yourself." In punk rock, it applied to just picking up a guitar, starting a band - without concern about being a rock star. Don't wait for a record contract, release your own record. So, in the DIY spirit, we formed SEEKERS.

We aren't trying to be "reality" TV stars. We aren't deluded into thinking we will prove the existence of these creatures to the scientific community. We investigate for our own curiosity and interests. Unless we have their permission, we will never share witnesses names or locations on private property - but we are open to sharing any ideas or revelations we have with other researchers - as we hope to learn from them as well.

There are other groups with a bigger web presence but if you have seen bigfoot, dogman, or other cryptids in the south-central PA area, why not send the report to us? Send it to western PA or somewhere else in the US if you want - we aren't trying to "own" people or reports - but why not let a local group have the information as well? We live here and we can get there quickly.

If you have seen something strange in the area please call or text: 717-347-8554  - 24 hours a day. Leave a message and we will get back to you asap. You can also email your questions or encounters - CLICK HERE.


*There are some great exceptions to the closed groups - one excellent organization is the North American Dogman Project who is currently accepting members without asking "what can you do for us?" Their field manual is filled with excellent information.

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