Saturday, August 27, 2016


On "supernatural" bigfoot - an excerpt from what may become my next book:

"If these are supernatural creatures with occult powers beyond our grasp, as some people insist they are - For where do they sleep? Where are the bones? Where are the bodies? Where are the aged, sick, slow, or crippled sasquatches which would presumably be easier to spot? (those who believe the creatures are purely natural have answers to all these questions, by the way) - if they are supernatural then I think we may never be able to grasp their motives. They may be chess pieces moved by something with a higher intelligence - or the creatures themselves might think in ways which do not conform to our own ways of thinking, making their minds unknowable to humans. These theories begin to sound like speculative fiction, but that is exactly the point I am trying to make. There are many very compelling “supernatural bigfoot” theories - but all of them begin and end as theories. 

If I were to write a book which was about a purely supernatural bigfoot, then all possibilities would be open and no answers could be found. For this reason, I will treat them as natural creatures. Creatures with abilities which are indeed superhuman, but not supernatural. These are creatures that leave footprints, hair, and property damage in their wake. 

However, I will not ignore the strangeness that often goes along with bigfoot - the spooklights, ghosts, and other unusual optical phenomena; the stories of the creatures appearing or disappearing seemingly out of nowhere; the accounts of them “freezing” people with fear; it goes on and on. I think we must always consider all of the information and if we choose to believe a witness saw an 8-foot tall hairy bipedal creature, we cannot ignore them when they say they saw orb-like lights in the woods at the same time. If we are to continue studying the creatures, and we are to acknowledge the phenomena that accompanies them, we must assume they are something STRANGE indeed, but something wholly natural. Quantum physics, for instance, can be very strange, but it is very real. Without steering this into territory which I am not qualified cover, I will recommend my readers familiarize themselves with at least the very basic concepts of quantum physics. This comparatively young field of study has answered problems which, previous to our understanding of quantum mechanics, seemed rather “spooky” indeed. It may be that bigfoot are somehow tied to this quantum weirdness or it may be something else we don’t yet understand that causes the odd phenomena associated with the creatures. Whatever the causes of these phenomena, we must assume they are natural or else we veer into science fiction."

So goes my feelings on the supernatural bigfoot. The creature is paranormal by definition, and superhuman by all reports (that is to say: the physical abilities of bigfoot creatures seem to be beyond the reach of human capabilities), but if we insist that they are supernatural then how do we even begin to study them?

I put this post as a reference for readers going forward - as I will not shy from the very unusual and paranormal phenomena associated with cryptids, yet I can not consider supernatural theories until we have some sort of measurements beyond "mindspeak", unsubstantiated "Nephilim" claims, and mythology (be it ancient or New Age).

I do not have many answers at this time. I am only a seeker. 

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