Saturday, December 31, 2016

Strange Familiars Podcast

Sorry for the sparse posting here lately - besides the general rush the of winter holidays, I've started a new project on the paranormal / folklore front:

Strange Familiars podcast will be covering a range of topics from the paranormal, folklore, cryptids, ghosts, and more. We are attempting something different with this podcast - while we will be interviewing guests and the like, our approach is something more akin to audio documentary. We're working on the first episodes now... Hopefully we'll be premiering this month.

So, stay tuned!

I've also been working on my second and third books - both of which require a lot of research. So, I AM writing and working on things relative to Seekers investigations, but nothing that can be published here on the blog just yet.

If you enjoyed Beyond the Seventh Gate I think you will enjoy both The Strange Familiars podcast and my next books.

More soon!

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